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Attractive LED Lighting Ideas for Home


There are a hundred different attractive LED lighting ideas for home that you can apply. In fact, in most modern interior design concepts, the use of LED lighting has been the centerpiece of what makes a very attractive interior and one that transcends moods and environment. Espousing a colorful lighting concept can pretty make your house cool and futuristic if this is done right. You will be amazed in knowing that you can not only see the beauty of LED lighting during Christmas time but all year round.

If you come to think of it, LED light strips have come a long way. That said, your old Christmas lights may be safe to dispose in exchange for a cleaner looking LED lighting. More importantly, these LED light strips are so flexible and thin that you can place them anywhere no traditional bulbs can go, such as under cabinets or in drawers. They are so functional that they can be used as lighting at the back of your fridge or even under your bed.

There are plenty other options you can play around with LED lighting for your house. It is widely unlimited as long as you can imagine it. Here are some great LED lighting ideas for home that you can perhaps try. As always, we remind caution if you plan to tackle any of these projects.

LED lighting for stairs

LED lighting look really awesome and avant-garde when used on stairs. It creates a very cool look adding to a fantastic overall aesthetics for your stairs. Imagine open-riser stairs – having LED lighting creates a cool, futuristic effects plus the convenience of lighting to minimize risks caused by the gaps, which can really be very treacherous at night. Talk about a perfect marriage of beauty and functionality.

Moreover, you might want to fancy up the LED lighting application on your stairs with the help of advance electronics. There’s a way for the LED lights to turn on at every step of the stairs automatically as you step on it without all the lights lighting up at the same time. With a little bit of electronic programming and you will achieve a full futuristic effect for your house.

LED lighting for mirrors

If you think the vanity lighting on mirrors, which are bulbs surrounding the glass, where starlets or actors are looking into in old movies, is unachievable, you can actually have it at home and at a more subtle and fancy effect. In addition, you can tweak the design and positioning of the lighting to remove any reflections on the surface by covering your LEDs with bulbs.

To spice up your mirrors, whether it’s a powder room mirror or any mirrors at home in general, adding backlighting effects for your mirrors can create a really wonderful and stunning effect on the aesthetics and design of your interior.

Mood and ambiance LED lighting under beds and couches

Good looking beds and couches are already enough to beautify your house. However, adding LED lighting under them creates a cooler mood and ambiance that will transcend the whole bedroom and living room experience. To add to that, it gives a more functional purpose by providing some lighting in those darker, less checked areas. You will never know when you’ll need lighting to find your lost pair of sneaker.

Shelves lighting

Adding some LED lighting to shelves takes organization to the next level. Not only it showcases what you have on the shelves, it also directs the eyes to them creating a glow leading you to your shelves. Use the plain white LEDs to achieve the effect. You can also throw in your fancy by braving a color coding scheme.

Refrigerators LED lighting

Refrigerators already have its own light but if you want to add a little touch of fancy and magic, you can add LEDs inside your fridge. Not only will this make your fridge magical as Christmas or Thanksgiving but it will also serve as additional lighting for someone who’s out scouring for Thanksgiving leftovers in the middle of the night.

LED lighting for decks

Applying LED lighting for your deck gives it a really transcendental and enchanted effect. The dark will become more hospitable and inviting. LED lighting for your deck can totally add a fantastic effect making your deck a really good place to stay every night for star gazing, wines, barbecue and some really great conversations.

Keep in mind though that outfitting LEDs for your deck might be a little expensive but the overall effect and result is simply astonishing and spectacular. You can definitely create awesome and meaningful memories. Your deck will no longer be a once in a blue moon place to hang out in but an every night thing for your family and friends.

Light Decoration Design for House using LED


Light emitting diodes or LED lights have become widely available and used nowadays. It exists in a variety of uses for lighting. It was pretty popular with motor vehicle lighting and other exterior lighting applications before but it has completely taken off in the light interior designs for homes. There’s now a lot of lighting manufacturers who produce and offer LED options for their most popular and high selling fittings on top of the regular bulb options. Though these LED fittings may immediately appear to be more expensive than your regular lighting fittings, there are an extremely significant number of advantages to these LED fittings.

LEDs today come in every color in the visual spectrum. You can get LEDs that is ultra violet as well as deep blue to luscious green or hot red. There are also gears that can be used to fit the LED lights in order for colors to pulse or change. The most remarkable thing about LED lights is that it lasts longer than regular fittings. The lifetime of a single LED light can outlast a few changes of regular fittings. That said, LEDs are perfect to use for hard to reach places because you won’t have to worry about regularly changing them. Another remarkable thing about LED lights is that it needs less electricity than regular fittings. That being said, even with the higher upfront cost of LED lights, on longer term perspective, the cost will be eventually clawed back due to the lower cost of electricity.

Most interior designers used LED heavily in high class bars, posh diners and hotels. However, there are a lot of interior designers who incorporate the use of LED into home designs to create a more perfect and beautiful aesthetics. Take a look at our list below on where and how LEDs can be used for your light decoration design for your house.

Recessed LED Fittings

Because of LED’s longer lifespan, it is usually used for recessed light fittings. It may seem like an awkward job when you replace bulbs on recessed light fittings but LEDs come with its own full gear that includes the capability to control the flow of electricity into the LED bulb itself. Naturally, recessed LED fittings come with conventional wiring but will require the whole thing to be replaced instead of just the bulb.

The LED fitting’s gear contains with it a small power supply to keep its own power while it is connected via the wire. It is best that you check if the LED fitting that you like or you need needs its own gear. Also, if it is recessed, you will need to think about it accessibility as well as the necessary ingress protection from moisture, especially if this fixture is placed in a bathroom.

Cool LEDs for Kitchens

LEDs look really adorable in kitchens. Having cool LED lights flood over the kitchen creates a really inspiring environment. These LEDs can be placed under your floor mounted units and cabinets at ankle height to create a really modern and metropolitan feel. There’s a lot of great ways to used LED in the overall aesthetic of your kitchen – this has become a really popular interior design element nowadays.

LEDs for Dressing Rooms

On top of giving your dressing rooms and walk-in closets a really modern, neat and sophisticated look, LEDs for dressing rooms help you navigate your closet much more easily, especially when you’re in looking for the best suit or dress to wear for a glamorous night party. LEDs can be arranged virtually to any layout to create many different effects. For example, you can arrange it circular or using LEDs within clothes rails or mounting LEDs exactly right at the back of your closet.

Color Wash Effect

One of the most impressive thing about LEDs is because they are offered in many different colors. The variety of options that you can choose from as well as the styles that the LEDs can create make it a very useful element for home interior design. While LED fittings are sold in a single color, you always have the option to mix and match LED fittings with different colors to create a really cool and vibrant ambiance to your home interior. You can install these LED fittings to splash colors into your bedroom, living room, stairwell and even kitchen. You can experiment with green, red and blue diodes and you can play with the varying type of intensity of the primary colors to achieve your desired lighting effect and look.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas That Will Augment Beauty


Lighting your outdoor gives it more life and beauty. With proper lighting, your outdoor can be a place for total relaxation and solace. There are a variety of lighting options you can put in place to your outdoor to create the most perfect backdrop to an entertaining and fulfilled relaxation landscape.

Today, we have put together a few outdoor lighting ideas that will definitely augment the beauty of outdoor living. You can choose from a variety of these lighting options at the same time find a landscape lighting design guides and ideas for deck lighting.

String Lights

Synonymous to party lights, string lights create a magical, rustic and ethereal feeling for outdoor living. Using string lights to illuminate drink and food areas as well as lighting up a space for dancing create an overall romantic and intimate environment. It is a perfect backdrop for really great and worthwhile conversations as well as meaningful and memorable dances.

In addition, string lights look even more beautiful when wrapped around deck railings, tree trunks or trellises – string lights not only make for unexpected focal point but also augment the beauty of the things it is wrapped on. To make things more interesting and really exciting, use Edison bulb string lights or mercury ball string lights to add a bit of vintage flair when you drape them into pergola or gazebos.


Your outdoors’ green landscape will become more colorful and festive with lanterns. These lighting idea can add a pop of wonderful colors against the backdrop of your outdoor. Moreover, you can choose from different finishes. Throw in a mix of different sizes in order to create a lighted centerpiece for your buffet or dining table. You can also group smaller lanterns on a side table that is next to conversation chairs in order to create a more intimate lighting mood. Pump it up by placing larger lanterns on the floor. If you are also looking for warm lighting sans the heat, you can choose LED lanterns as well.

But don’t be limited to surfaces only – lanterns are a lot of fun especially if you hang them from shepherd’s hooks that you can place in key locations around your patio. You can even hang lanterns from pergolas, tree limbs or even gazebos. Add some dimension to your lighting by staggering the hanging height of your lanterns.

Landscape Lighting

What makes your shrubs, trees as well as flowerbeds light up and become more illuminate is landscape lighting. It definitely augments the natural beauty of these plants that you have carefully and tirelessly planted and groomed. You can show off your hard work using path lights sprinkled and scattered throughout your garden. For trees and larger areas of your garden or yard, spotlights and floodlights would be the best.

These landscape lighting are available in solar, LED and low-voltage. In addition, they come in kits with everything that you need in order for you to create a beautiful lighting set up for your outdoor space. These landscape lighting are available in a wide variety of glass types and finishes. You can always select a style that would be perfect for your patio.

Fire Pits

Do you want what is fun to gather around during spring, summer, fall or winter? A perfect bonfire. In that sense, adding fire pits to your outdoor can create the same fun and magical moment. The crackling sound of a fire can definitely bring people together. Throw in a few Adirondack chairs around the fire pit and you instantly have an alternative seating area for your family or friends. The simple wood-burning fire pit is already a perfect entertaining and magical piece of lighting but you can also go fancy by choosing a stone-design fire pit powered by gas. So, if you plan to have some marshmallows, hotdogs, chocolate bars and even graham crackers, then that fire pit on your outdoor is a perfect way to spend the late afternoon or night.

Candles and Torches

Candles and torches will forever be a classic and effective way to illuminate your outdoor. The candles provide a soft glow from an accent light. You can arrange them together on a side table or the dining table to create a more dramatic effect. If you have children or pets, it may be a good idea to use LED flameless candles – they provide the same effect without having to worry about a safety and fire hazard.

On the other hand, there are bamboo or tiki torches that you can use as a decorative lighting effect to your outdoor. These are really cheap and cost-effective outdoor lighting ideas. Just be extra careful with any open flame and heat though. Make sure to avoid overhanging trees, eaves as well as place them away from activity areas where they can potentially be knocked off.

Helpful Guide on How to Improve Electrical Safety At Home


Electricity is an essential piece of our life, let alone home living. It is something that we use when we first wake up in the morning, throughout the day and up until we close our eyes at night. We even use it when we are already asleep. It is hard to dismiss the importance of electricity in our lives and how dangerous it is at the same time.

The power of electricity keeps us moving in our daily lives and even in our nighty night’s sleep. It powers our house for it to be fully functional. That said, we have to be really conscious about using electricity at the same time be very careful about it. One small mistake can turn your beautiful house into dust. Worse, it can take lives. Certainly you wouldn’t want to get into that situation. Regrets happen in the end. But if you are careful enough and wise to plan things, you can avoid those unnecessary tragedies to happen by ensuring safety all around and all the time.

You can start with the basics – as simple as reading the safety cautions on every appliance or electronic device or unplugging any device or appliance that is not used. Ensuring that you unplug your phone when it has completely charged is common sense that not many people exhibit. Electrical safety around the house should always be a top priority. It gives you piece of mind while enjoying the comfort of your home.

We have prepared a list of helpful guides below that can help you improve electrical safety at home. Some things in particular, the garden, kitchen and the bathroom are key areas where safety should be utmost a priority. These are high electrical hazard areas where you need to be more careful of and ensure electrical safety is always exercised.

On top of that, our list includes some wise tips if you find yourself doing an electrical DIY project at home as well as some ideas on what to do in the event that there is flood. We have put them together to make sure that they are understandable and jargon-free. Run through our steps that will help you reduce any potential electrical accidents around the house.

  • Perform regular visual checks to your electrics and do it with professional help. A professional can ensure and help what to look into your electrics at the same time act on immediately when there are issues.

Some simple checks that can save life include checking the RCD protection inside your fuse box, ensuring that your sockets are not overloaded (there’s a socket calculator that can be found online to help you do this and verify that your sockets are safe), ensuring that your sockets and plugs are not damaged, checking visible leads and cables and ensuring that they are in good condition, checking your light fittings for any potential damages at the same time checking the downlighters to make sure they are in good condition.

There are lot more checks that you can perform and certainly a professional can help you out with this.

  • Ensure that you are taking great care in your DIY electrical projects. Half of all severe electric shocks at home are a result of DIY electrical projects. Here are some DIY electrical safety tips that guides you how to avoid any electrical shocks in the process:

– locate cables first in your wall before drilling, screwing or nailing things into the cables that are hidden inside walls

– make sure to use a residual current device to cut off power in case there is an electrical fault as a result of a DIY blunder; this can definitely save your life

  • Always be vigilant in the kitchen. Improper use of kitchen appliances is among the many electrical safety no-nos at home. It is also one of the main causes of electrical accidents when electrical safety is not practiced.
  • Water and electricity are definitely not a good mix – important and crucial to remember. It is also common sense. That said, make sure the bathroom as well as other places where water is accessible always have strategic and safety locations of sockets, switches, etc.
  • Always make sure that you will not use electrical gardening equipment until they are completely dry. Forgetting this is a sure way to get an electric shock or worse, a fatal electrical accident.
  • If ever your home has been flooded, take an extra precaution as there is really a high chance of electrics that could have been damaged.
  • At all times, always exercise utmost safety precautions to prevent electrical fires. Consult a professional to know the common ways electrical fires occur in your area or based on your house’s electrical structure and ask for ways to avoid them. Always have a fire extinguisher visible and handy in places where they are accessible in case an accident happens.

6 Places to Consider When Placing Important Electrical Outlets to Your Home


During construction, your home will only be installed with the minimum number of outlets required for each space in your home. This is typical and considering the electrical planner doesn’t have an idea on the final look and arrangement of the house. The electrical planner will place those electrical outlets in strategic locations where they would be required most of the time.

In most cases as well, you will discover that these outlets are not enough and you may need to add more. Having more of these strategically located outlets enhance the functionality of your home. Moreover, it adds to the overall aesthetics of the house.

If you get a chance to talk to your electrical planner, before or during build, you may want to raise your preferred and proposed outlets. You will need to explain why and where would be the best position to add them based on your need to use them. It is the same exercise when you plan on placing important electrical outlets to your home.

We have a general guide to help you out in that exercise to make sure all spaces in your house are covered. We have compiled six places to consider when placing important electrical outlets to your home.

  • Entry outlets

This is by far one of the most strategic locations to place an outlet at your home. Having an outlet above a table or shelf or even in a cubby is very convenient and provides a great space to leave your electronic devices, such as phones, tablets, laptops to be plugged in for a charge. Having this conveniently placed in a strategic location enables you to keep track of where you have plugged in your electronic devices at the same time remind easily to unplug them whether you are taking them on your way out or when they’re fully charged to avoid electrical risks.

  • Floor outlets

One of the wisest ways to reduce the need for extension wires is to place floor outlets in your house. Having convenient and strategically placed floor outlets in your house removes those unnecessary wirings that you have all around that mess up with your house’s overall aesthetics quality. Moreover, having those wirings lying around everything produces a great risk of hazard. So, basically floor outlets will remove that piece of hazard as well in your house. These floor outlets are greatly used for lamps as well as other electronic devices. It can even transform a dining table into a fully functional work center.

  • Wall-mounted TV outlets

Wall-mounted TV outlets provide great aesthetics and functional value to your house and TVs. You will be able to get rid of the eyesore cords running from the back of your TV to where it plugs in, may be an outlet near the floor or an outlet on the counter. It is not only applicable to TVs, wall-mounted outlets can be good for any type of electronics. Having these wall-mounted outlets near to any electronic device can take away the need for long extension cords as well as any cord connections between TV and other electronics. Adding a hidden conduit on the wall also augments the overall functionality and aesthetics by using this to pass through other cables, such as HDMI or RCA cables used for connecting TVs to components, speakers, etc. Plan this carefully and you will achieve a very beautiful, uncluttered and tidy TV area.

  • Bathroom vanity outlets

This is a tricky but really helpful way to minimize hazard. Bathroom vanity outlets are definitely a need for every bathroom. These outlets should be placed strategically on the side of every sink so that there’s no cord running from side of the sink to another. These bathroom outlets, if placed thoughtfully, will be convenient for toothbrushes, razors, curling irons, hair dryers, and other electrical equipment that you use inside the bathroom. There should be outlets for every electrical equipment, such as the back of the drawer containing the hair dryers and curling irons or inside the medicine cabinet for razors and toothbrushes. One important thing to keep in mind is to make sure to use outlets that are GFCIs or ground-fault circuit interrupters to avoid electrocution. Make sure that you check all of the building codes before you finalize the outlet locations.

  • Kitchen appliance outlets

If you notice, the large kitchen appliances already have their own respective outlets. However, there are many smaller kitchen appliances that will require power as well. That said, it is very important to plan where to place the outlets dedicated for these small kitchen appliances. Plan thoughtfully where you would want to use your toaster, coffeemaker and blender and then the outlet for these appliances. Moreover, it would be great to plan for another outlet placed at the counter top for TV as well as a charging outlet for other electronic devices, such as mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

  • Home office outlets

Having an outlet for the computer, desk light and even printer in your home office is a sure great way to minimize the clutter of cords running across the walls or the floor to be connected to a power outlet. Most importantly, there’s not going to be any need for an extension wire for these home office machines.

6 Rules for Planning Bedroom Electrical Design like a Pro


The idea of an electrical plan is always daunting – no one easily gets excited and it is hard to summon up excitement out of the idea. It is a tricky trade, it is time consuming and most of all, very risky. It is easy to make a mistake that will end up burning thousands, if not millions of dollars of hard earned money. One mistake and you will lose your much loved house.

A lot of people will not think twice of hiring a professional right away when bedroom electrical design planning and creation project takes place in a home improvement. This is totally valid considering the highly technical and high risk undertaking this project would be. This whole thing is a challenging thing. For example, switches are fairly complex to understand: there two-way, 3-gang, toggle dolly or even dimmer modes. You will need to know how all those works and what would basically apply to your bedroom based on what you need.

To give you a quick understanding: a gang indicates the number of switches on the plate, which controls a circuit. On the other hand, ways indicate the number of switches that will control the lights. There are a lot of articles online that teaches the basics around switches. Now, outlets are a whole different, though similar, world but you can easily find a lot of articles that will explain it to you in layman’s point of view.

You won’t have to worry about knowing all that when you hire a professional electrician. Hiring a professional electrician won’t come cheap though. It is expensive at the same time you will need to be a 100% sure of the person you are hiring. Moreover, in future cases where you will have problems with your bedroom electrical works, you will be too dependent on having a professional troubleshoot and fix things for you.

A bedroom electrical design will come in pretty handy if you know how to make it rather than spending big bucks for a professional electrician or contractor who can take care of the overall electrical design that you want. In order for you to pull off creating a successful, effective and fully-functional bedroom electrical design, you will need to know the rules to do it like a pro.

Today, we have put together a set of 6 rules that can help you plan and create for your bedroom electrical design like a professional. Take a careful look at our list before going down your basement and start working on your bedroom electrical design plan.

  1. Allocate and place 5-amp sockets for your table lamps. This is very convenient because having these sockets available, you will be able to turn the lamps on at the wall.
  2. Also think about allocating and placing sockets in the floor for lamps. You will need to keep in mind that the socket is adequately recessed in. Your professional electrician may not be able to think about this. The reason why you will need the socket recessed is because this will keep the lid go back on and remain flushed to the floor when something is plugged in.
  3. In our technology today, you will not be surprised that there are now sockets that will come with USB ports. That being said, you might want to also consider buying this type. It will be worth it putting in a couple of this type of sockets in your dresser or bedside table, which will be convenient for you to plug in your iPads or phones.
  4. Now, this is one tip that most do-it-yourselfers always don’t realize – it is not ideal to put a socket in the middle of the wall that is behind a piece of furniture, for example the bed, bedside table, stool, etc. Having a socket behind any piece of furniture will keep you moving that piece of furniture every time you need to plug in something to it. Always keep your sockets close to the edge of the furniture instead. The furniture plan will definitely come in handy in your bedroom electrical design.
  5. It is also very convenient to put a shaver socket inside the cabinet in your bathroom. That is if you have one in your bathroom. This will come in handy for electric toothbrushes, shavers, etc.
  6. Also, think about long term as well as day to day – keep in mind that you will also need to clean your bedroom. That being said, allocating sockets where you can easily plug in electric appliance for cleaning, such as vacuum cleaners, would be very useful.