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Attractive LED Lighting Ideas for Home


There are a hundred different attractive LED lighting ideas for home that you can apply. In fact, in most modern interior design concepts, the use of LED lighting has been the centerpiece of what makes a very attractive interior and one that transcends moods and environment. Espousing a colorful lighting concept can pretty make your house cool and futuristic if this is done right. You will be amazed in knowing that you can not only see the beauty of LED lighting during Christmas time but all year round.

If you come to think of it, LED light strips have come a long way. That said, your old Christmas lights may be safe to dispose in exchange for a cleaner looking LED lighting. More importantly, these LED light strips are so flexible and thin that you can place them anywhere no traditional bulbs can go, such as under cabinets or in drawers. They are so functional that they can be used as lighting at the back of your fridge or even under your bed.

There are plenty other options you can play around with LED lighting for your house. It is widely unlimited as long as you can imagine it. Here are some great LED lighting ideas for home that you can perhaps try. As always, we remind caution if you plan to tackle any of these projects.

LED lighting for stairs

LED lighting look really awesome and avant-garde when used on stairs. It creates a very cool look adding to a fantastic overall aesthetics for your stairs. Imagine open-riser stairs – having LED lighting creates a cool, futuristic effects plus the convenience of lighting to minimize risks caused by the gaps, which can really be very treacherous at night. Talk about a perfect marriage of beauty and functionality.

Moreover, you might want to fancy up the LED lighting application on your stairs with the help of advance electronics. There’s a way for the LED lights to turn on at every step of the stairs automatically as you step on it without all the lights lighting up at the same time. With a little bit of electronic programming and you will achieve a full futuristic effect for your house.

LED lighting for mirrors

If you think the vanity lighting on mirrors, which are bulbs surrounding the glass, where starlets or actors are looking into in old movies, is unachievable, you can actually have it at home and at a more subtle and fancy effect. In addition, you can tweak the design and positioning of the lighting to remove any reflections on the surface by covering your LEDs with bulbs.

To spice up your mirrors, whether it’s a powder room mirror or any mirrors at home in general, adding backlighting effects for your mirrors can create a really wonderful and stunning effect on the aesthetics and design of your interior.

Mood and ambiance LED lighting under beds and couches

Good looking beds and couches are already enough to beautify your house. However, adding LED lighting under them creates a cooler mood and ambiance that will transcend the whole bedroom and living room experience. To add to that, it gives a more functional purpose by providing some lighting in those darker, less checked areas. You will never know when you’ll need lighting to find your lost pair of sneaker.

Shelves lighting

Adding some LED lighting to shelves takes organization to the next level. Not only it showcases what you have on the shelves, it also directs the eyes to them creating a glow leading you to your shelves. Use the plain white LEDs to achieve the effect. You can also throw in your fancy by braving a color coding scheme.

Refrigerators LED lighting

Refrigerators already have its own light but if you want to add a little touch of fancy and magic, you can add LEDs inside your fridge. Not only will this make your fridge magical as Christmas or Thanksgiving but it will also serve as additional lighting for someone who’s out scouring for Thanksgiving leftovers in the middle of the night.

LED lighting for decks

Applying LED lighting for your deck gives it a really transcendental and enchanted effect. The dark will become more hospitable and inviting. LED lighting for your deck can totally add a fantastic effect making your deck a really good place to stay every night for star gazing, wines, barbecue and some really great conversations.

Keep in mind though that outfitting LEDs for your deck might be a little expensive but the overall effect and result is simply astonishing and spectacular. You can definitely create awesome and meaningful memories. Your deck will no longer be a once in a blue moon place to hang out in but an every night thing for your family and friends.