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6 Rules for Planning Bedroom Electrical Design like a Pro


The idea of an electrical plan is always daunting – no one easily gets excited and it is hard to summon up excitement out of the idea. It is a tricky trade, it is time consuming and most of all, very risky. It is easy to make a mistake that will end up burning thousands, if not millions of dollars of hard earned money. One mistake and you will lose your much loved house.

A lot of people will not think twice of hiring a professional right away when bedroom electrical design planning and creation project takes place in a home improvement. This is totally valid considering the highly technical and high risk undertaking this project would be. This whole thing is a challenging thing. For example, switches are fairly complex to understand: there two-way, 3-gang, toggle dolly or even dimmer modes. You will need to know how all those works and what would basically apply to your bedroom based on what you need.

To give you a quick understanding: a gang indicates the number of switches on the plate, which controls a circuit. On the other hand, ways indicate the number of switches that will control the lights. There are a lot of articles online that teaches the basics around switches. Now, outlets are a whole different, though similar, world but you can easily find a lot of articles that will explain it to you in layman’s point of view.

You won’t have to worry about knowing all that when you hire a professional electrician. Hiring a professional electrician won’t come cheap though. It is expensive at the same time you will need to be a 100% sure of the person you are hiring. Moreover, in future cases where you will have problems with your bedroom electrical works, you will be too dependent on having a professional troubleshoot and fix things for you.

A bedroom electrical design will come in pretty handy if you know how to make it rather than spending big bucks for a professional electrician or contractor who can take care of the overall electrical design that you want. In order for you to pull off creating a successful, effective and fully-functional bedroom electrical design, you will need to know the rules to do it like a pro.

Today, we have put together a set of 6 rules that can help you plan and create for your bedroom electrical design like a professional. Take a careful look at our list before going down your basement and start working on your bedroom electrical design plan.

  1. Allocate and place 5-amp sockets for your table lamps. This is very convenient because having these sockets available, you will be able to turn the lamps on at the wall.
  2. Also think about allocating and placing sockets in the floor for lamps. You will need to keep in mind that the socket is adequately recessed in. Your professional electrician may not be able to think about this. The reason why you will need the socket recessed is because this will keep the lid go back on and remain flushed to the floor when something is plugged in.
  3. In our technology today, you will not be surprised that there are now sockets that will come with USB ports. That being said, you might want to also consider buying this type. It will be worth it putting in a couple of this type of sockets in your dresser or bedside table, which will be convenient for you to plug in your iPads or phones.
  4. Now, this is one tip that most do-it-yourselfers always don’t realize – it is not ideal to put a socket in the middle of the wall that is behind a piece of furniture, for example the bed, bedside table, stool, etc. Having a socket behind any piece of furniture will keep you moving that piece of furniture every time you need to plug in something to it. Always keep your sockets close to the edge of the furniture instead. The furniture plan will definitely come in handy in your bedroom electrical design.
  5. It is also very convenient to put a shaver socket inside the cabinet in your bathroom. That is if you have one in your bathroom. This will come in handy for electric toothbrushes, shavers, etc.
  6. Also, think about long term as well as day to day – keep in mind that you will also need to clean your bedroom. That being said, allocating sockets where you can easily plug in electric appliance for cleaning, such as vacuum cleaners, would be very useful.