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Light Decoration Design for House using LED


Light emitting diodes or LED lights have become widely available and used nowadays. It exists in a variety of uses for lighting. It was pretty popular with motor vehicle lighting and other exterior lighting applications before but it has completely taken off in the light interior designs for homes. There’s now a lot of lighting manufacturers who produce and offer LED options for their most popular and high selling fittings on top of the regular bulb options. Though these LED fittings may immediately appear to be more expensive than your regular lighting fittings, there are an extremely significant number of advantages to these LED fittings.

LEDs today come in every color in the visual spectrum. You can get LEDs that is ultra violet as well as deep blue to luscious green or hot red. There are also gears that can be used to fit the LED lights in order for colors to pulse or change. The most remarkable thing about LED lights is that it lasts longer than regular fittings. The lifetime of a single LED light can outlast a few changes of regular fittings. That said, LEDs are perfect to use for hard to reach places because you won’t have to worry about regularly changing them. Another remarkable thing about LED lights is that it needs less electricity than regular fittings. That being said, even with the higher upfront cost of LED lights, on longer term perspective, the cost will be eventually clawed back due to the lower cost of electricity.

Most interior designers used LED heavily in high class bars, posh diners and hotels. However, there are a lot of interior designers who incorporate the use of LED into home designs to create a more perfect and beautiful aesthetics. Take a look at our list below on where and how LEDs can be used for your light decoration design for your house.

Recessed LED Fittings

Because of LED’s longer lifespan, it is usually used for recessed light fittings. It may seem like an awkward job when you replace bulbs on recessed light fittings but LEDs come with its own full gear that includes the capability to control the flow of electricity into the LED bulb itself. Naturally, recessed LED fittings come with conventional wiring but will require the whole thing to be replaced instead of just the bulb.

The LED fitting’s gear contains with it a small power supply to keep its own power while it is connected via the wire. It is best that you check if the LED fitting that you like or you need needs its own gear. Also, if it is recessed, you will need to think about it accessibility as well as the necessary ingress protection from moisture, especially if this fixture is placed in a bathroom.

Cool LEDs for Kitchens

LEDs look really adorable in kitchens. Having cool LED lights flood over the kitchen creates a really inspiring environment. These LEDs can be placed under your floor mounted units and cabinets at ankle height to create a really modern and metropolitan feel. There’s a lot of great ways to used LED in the overall aesthetic of your kitchen – this has become a really popular interior design element nowadays.

LEDs for Dressing Rooms

On top of giving your dressing rooms and walk-in closets a really modern, neat and sophisticated look, LEDs for dressing rooms help you navigate your closet much more easily, especially when you’re in looking for the best suit or dress to wear for a glamorous night party. LEDs can be arranged virtually to any layout to create many different effects. For example, you can arrange it circular or using LEDs within clothes rails or mounting LEDs exactly right at the back of your closet.

Color Wash Effect

One of the most impressive thing about LEDs is because they are offered in many different colors. The variety of options that you can choose from as well as the styles that the LEDs can create make it a very useful element for home interior design. While LED fittings are sold in a single color, you always have the option to mix and match LED fittings with different colors to create a really cool and vibrant ambiance to your home interior. You can install these LED fittings to splash colors into your bedroom, living room, stairwell and even kitchen. You can experiment with green, red and blue diodes and you can play with the varying type of intensity of the primary colors to achieve your desired lighting effect and look.