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Outdoor Lighting Ideas That Will Augment Beauty


Lighting your outdoor gives it more life and beauty. With proper lighting, your outdoor can be a place for total relaxation and solace. There are a variety of lighting options you can put in place to your outdoor to create the most perfect backdrop to an entertaining and fulfilled relaxation landscape.

Today, we have put together a few outdoor lighting ideas that will definitely augment the beauty of outdoor living. You can choose from a variety of these lighting options at the same time find a landscape lighting design guides and ideas for deck lighting.

String Lights

Synonymous to party lights, string lights create a magical, rustic and ethereal feeling for outdoor living. Using string lights to illuminate drink and food areas as well as lighting up a space for dancing create an overall romantic and intimate environment. It is a perfect backdrop for really great and worthwhile conversations as well as meaningful and memorable dances.

In addition, string lights look even more beautiful when wrapped around deck railings, tree trunks or trellises – string lights not only make for unexpected focal point but also augment the beauty of the things it is wrapped on. To make things more interesting and really exciting, use Edison bulb string lights or mercury ball string lights to add a bit of vintage flair when you drape them into pergola or gazebos.


Your outdoors’ green landscape will become more colorful and festive with lanterns. These lighting idea can add a pop of wonderful colors against the backdrop of your outdoor. Moreover, you can choose from different finishes. Throw in a mix of different sizes in order to create a lighted centerpiece for your buffet or dining table. You can also group smaller lanterns on a side table that is next to conversation chairs in order to create a more intimate lighting mood. Pump it up by placing larger lanterns on the floor. If you are also looking for warm lighting sans the heat, you can choose LED lanterns as well.

But don’t be limited to surfaces only – lanterns are a lot of fun especially if you hang them from shepherd’s hooks that you can place in key locations around your patio. You can even hang lanterns from pergolas, tree limbs or even gazebos. Add some dimension to your lighting by staggering the hanging height of your lanterns.

Landscape Lighting

What makes your shrubs, trees as well as flowerbeds light up and become more illuminate is landscape lighting. It definitely augments the natural beauty of these plants that you have carefully and tirelessly planted and groomed. You can show off your hard work using path lights sprinkled and scattered throughout your garden. For trees and larger areas of your garden or yard, spotlights and floodlights would be the best.

These landscape lighting are available in solar, LED and low-voltage. In addition, they come in kits with everything that you need in order for you to create a beautiful lighting set up for your outdoor space. These landscape lighting are available in a wide variety of glass types and finishes. You can always select a style that would be perfect for your patio.

Fire Pits

Do you want what is fun to gather around during spring, summer, fall or winter? A perfect bonfire. In that sense, adding fire pits to your outdoor can create the same fun and magical moment. The crackling sound of a fire can definitely bring people together. Throw in a few Adirondack chairs around the fire pit and you instantly have an alternative seating area for your family or friends. The simple wood-burning fire pit is already a perfect entertaining and magical piece of lighting but you can also go fancy by choosing a stone-design fire pit powered by gas. So, if you plan to have some marshmallows, hotdogs, chocolate bars and even graham crackers, then that fire pit on your outdoor is a perfect way to spend the late afternoon or night.

Candles and Torches

Candles and torches will forever be a classic and effective way to illuminate your outdoor. The candles provide a soft glow from an accent light. You can arrange them together on a side table or the dining table to create a more dramatic effect. If you have children or pets, it may be a good idea to use LED flameless candles – they provide the same effect without having to worry about a safety and fire hazard.

On the other hand, there are bamboo or tiki torches that you can use as a decorative lighting effect to your outdoor. These are really cheap and cost-effective outdoor lighting ideas. Just be extra careful with any open flame and heat though. Make sure to avoid overhanging trees, eaves as well as place them away from activity areas where they can potentially be knocked off.